Josh Perry's Quest To Progress

Posted November 7, 2018 to Video.

Tags: athletes, news

Josh Perry is a professional BMX athlete and holistic health consultant helping others optimize their brains, remove undesirable weight, and reduce the risk of disease. His strong motivation for living the healthiest and happiest, and a passion to share that with the world, stems from multiple brain tumors diagnosis starting at the young age of 21.

After overcoming surgery & treatment, and realizing he most likely has a genetic predisposition to accumulating tumors, he immersed himself in research on how to enhance the health, performance, and longevity of his brain. Since choosing to change his life and follow a ketogenic diet & lifestyle, along with Gamma Knife radio treatment,  the growth of the tumors have stopped and he feels better and more fulfilled than he has ever before.

Today, Josh has left competing to explore his passion for helping others improve their health, happiness, and success in all manners of life by creating a health consulting business. Josh also has been speaking to share his story, experiences, and information with others about what has helped him. He has also started working on Brainy BMX Stunt Shows, a nonprofit BMX/Wellness event focused on sharing information, entertainment, and raising funds for direct patient care.